Are you going through an emotion crisis at the moment and can’t find your way out of it?​​

Are you so tired, distressed and depressed that you simply cannot see the ‘forest for the trees’, you can’t think straight and, you are functioning on a bare minimum of energy?

What if you could have relief from your stress and overwhelm…TODAY?

Emotional stress is emotional energy that has a limiting belief attached to it. Changing the limiting belief releases the stuck stagnant energy and provides immediate relief from the emotional stress and tension.

The emotional tension, if ongoing, and can send you spiraling into overwhelm with a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. It often leaves you feeling lost and alone so much so that it so hard to even pick up the phone and ask for help!

“I was standing on the edge of the rabbit hole deciding if I was going to jump in like I’ve done in the past. But instead I decided to step back and make an appointment with Shirley-Anne as I realised I could make a different choice knowing that safety, support and a feeling of relief was only a phone call away.” 

Mandy M. Hunter Valley NSW

There is a highly effective, drug-free method of releasing  intense emotional stress that is available NOW!



HESRT can assist you when…

  • arrow-rightLife no longer makes sense
  • arrow-rightEvery day feels like a struggle
  • arrow-rightSadness threatens to overwhelm
  • arrow-rightYou feel on edge all the time
  • arrow-rightLife has thrown you a curveball

… and more

These truly life-changing techniques have been developed by Shirley-Anne Joy – The Love Warrior, and are being utilised by conscious female entrepreneurs around the globe to reduce high levels of stress and emotional tension in life situations such as business, health, relationships, money and abundance and in crisis situations such as death of a loved one or chronic illness.

“I have been an executive client of Shirley-Anne’s for many years. I have made use of her ‘on call support’ on many an occasion for business, family, health and big life blocks, even from the other side of the world when I was having a health crisis!

I seek her support mostly when I am in a state of total confusion and can’t see the forest for the trees. Every time she has been able to guide me with ease into a place of choice and possibility where at the beginning of the call I felt there was none’.

TRG – Natural Health Professional, Newcastle, NSW

During the session, Shirley-Anne Joy will work with you to identify and release old habits, patterns and programming that are holding you stuck in the emotional stress you are experiencing. 

Shirley-Anne will pick a couple of her simple, proven ‘take-home’ tools and techniques especially for you and your situation. These will help you on a day to day basis as you move forward with a ever-increasing feel of lightness, hope and clarity.  

“Shirley-Anne cuts through your issues like a hot knife through butter.”

 NJ, Entrepreneur, Sunshine Coast Qld

All sessions held via Phone or Skype

Session cost – $330/60mins


Ongoing sessions are available.

Feeling good, being happy and loving yourself is your birth rite! However, our self-limiting beliefs get in the way of that! Move towards having the freedom you desire along with a greater sense of SELF-LOVE, courage and inner strength like never before with one of Shirley-Anne’s programs. Choosing ongoing support is only a click or two away. 

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If you regularly find yourself thinking any of the following limiting beliefs then a HESRT session with Shirley-Anne is what you need:

I won’t ever be happy.

This will never change.

I am so unhappy and miserable.

I will never have enough money.

I just seem to work all the time

I can never have what I want.

I feel anxious and stressed all of the time.

I’m so angry and resentful.

I have no fun in my life.

I am living in so much fear all the time.

I’m so sad all the time.

I’m no good, I can’t get anything right.

I’m so stressed over money all the time.

I just keep picking the wrong men.

What’s the matter with me?

Shirley-Anne Joy is an expert in her field as an Energetic Healer and Changer of Limiting Beliefs.

She has been assisting conscious entrepreneurs in Australia and overseas to change their self-limiting beliefs for  over IO years.

Shirley-Anne  has been interviewed by leading magazines, television and radio stations about her life-changing work as a healer and professional hugger.

Medical Disclaimer: Shirley-Anne Joy is not a licensed medical practitioner and does not give medical advice. If you are under the care of a medical practitioner please do not stop any medications or visits to your doctor unless directed to do so by your general practitioner.