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Birthing comes before Pregnancy


As a trained midwife and now energetic healer it seems the perfect combination to  now heal fear and trauma associated with pregnancy and birthing.

Whether you are pregnant and fearful with your first child or 61 and still holding onto your birth trauma, I can help you release that, start the healing process and gift you the freedom from it you are looking for.

In early 2016 my daughter birthed her first child, my first grandchild and I was horrified by some of the practices in the Birth Center where she lives. This has ignited a fire in my belly to do this work again.

We as women have given our birth power away to the medicalised system of birthing through fear. We can claim that back now by clearing the trauma associated with your birth as you came into the world, your trauma associated with you birthing your children this lifetime and other lifetimes as well.

In past lifetimes we have been both male and female

There are tailored programs available for:

  • Pregnant women and their partner/husband
  • Woman who wish to clear birth trauma

Shirley-Anne is a contributor to  A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth by Katrina Zaslavsky

Worry, a waste of brain power!

Worry is such a total waste of time AND brain power when you could be putting both your time and brain power to much better use thank worrying!

Worry doesn’t change anything. Actually you are doing the person you are worrying about a dis-service as you are projecting the energy of your thoughts at them. So say for example, your daughter lost her job and you are worrying about that thinking thoughts like, “how on earth is she going to pay her rent now she’s lost her job?”

So instead of thinking and worrying about that say wonderful things like, ‘My daughter is clever and an asset to any one who she works for, she will easily get a new job, there is one waiting for her now.” AND “She always pays her rent easily!” Know and have faith that she will find a job and pay her rent easily!

If you are thinking an Un-Self-Loving thought about yourself, such as ‘I’ll never be about to go travelling again.” What if you change that to ‘I so love and appreciate all the wonderful world travel that I do each year!” And repeat that everyday, knowing and having faith that you can create what your heart desires through the vibration of the excited anticipation.

Now what if you are worrying about someone else, what does that create for then? Have you watched the movie FROZEN? What this movie tells the tale of really is when you worry about someone else you are projecting into their future your worrisome energy. Oops…most people are not aware of this…

My mother is a worrier..and I rarely tell her what’s going on in my life cause she worries because she has been so programmed to do it and she does it so well! She worries if its good, she worries if it’s not.

So how to change that if you worry about someone else? Again, notice that you are doing it and change the thought…so if you are worrying that ‘my daughter doesn’t have enough money’ what if you change that thought to ‘I love and appreciate how financially abundant my daughter is.”

And imagine she living an abundant life where she is happy and joyful.

So it’s up to you….these are simple tools. Every tip or trick I have or am using personally and I give them to clients too!

These two tools: STOP and Shush I created myself and I use myself.