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Channel Nine Weekend Today Show

The Sequence of events leading to Shirley-Anne on The Channel 9 Weekend TODAY Show talking about HUGs!!


Don’t you just love how the universe ties it all together beautiful! Look at this dance of creation that allowed for a BIG finish to 2015 that I never saw coming! And it was so exciting!

It all started with a visit to Darwin at the end of November to celebrate my 60th Birthday with my children who live there. I decided that I would do a Hug Yourself To Heal workshop while I was there!

The day of the event, the day before my birthday, I had a call from Conor Byrne from ABC Radio Darwin asking me to come into the studio for an interview about the workshop!

After the interview, ABC photo-journalist Emelia asked if she could come to the workshop and do a follow up story for their website! Well of course I said YES!!

Click here for Emilia’s ABC article

A researcher from the Channel 9 Weekend TODAY Show saw the article and rang me on the Wednesday afternoon and invited me onto the show that Saturday!! WooHoo!!

AND, they asked if it would help if they sent a car! I said yes please, never expecting what showed up!

So on the morning of the Saturday 12 December at 6am I was picked up from my home in Newcastle in a magnificent Mercedes S Club 500 luxurious to the max! The same car they pick celebrities and international guests up in! Did I feel special? YES!

I travelled to Sydney where I met Jane, Deb and Stevie from the TODAY Show spent 2 minutes and 2 seconds on TV, had my pic taken with them too.. what an exciting thing for me. And all through the show they had banners saying ‘Hug To Heal’ and “Hug Your Way To Happiness” I was so delighted that I couldn’t have picked better headings if they’d asked me…

Part 2

BIG W Marketown Hug Station

BIG W Marketown Hug Station

I was in BIG W Marketown Shopping Centre Newcastle West a few weeks before Christmas and what do I see but a BIG HUGS sign as part of their Christmas decorations!

And I thought, this is a sign from the universe. I rang and organised to set up a HUG STATION in the store where I would gift FREE Hugs to their customers!

The 4 nights before Christmas I set up my HUG STATION in the entrance to BIG W and lovingly hugged their customers! Such joy!

I felt that this was a great story in the lead up to Christmas so I contacted NBN Channel 9 News here in Newcastle.

I spoke with the delightful Andrew Lobb in the News Room and the next day – Christmas Eve 2015, he sent a news crew to film the story.


Ahhhhh..the joy of hugging… spread the love, share of hug!