Birthing comes before Pregnancy


As a trained midwife and now energetic healer it seems the perfect combination to  now heal fear and trauma associated with pregnancy and birthing.

Whether you are pregnant and fearful with your first child or 61 and still holding onto your birth trauma, I can help you release that, start the healing process and gift you the freedom from it you are looking for.

In early 2016 my daughter birthed her first child, my first grandchild and I was horrified by some of the practices in the Birth Center where she lives. This has ignited a fire in my belly to do this work again.

We as women have given our birth power away to the medicalised system of birthing through fear. We can claim that back now by clearing the trauma associated with your birth as you came into the world, your trauma associated with you birthing your children this lifetime and other lifetimes as well.

In past lifetimes we have been both male and female

There are tailored programs available for:

  • Pregnant women and their partner/husband
  • Woman who wish to clear birth trauma

Shirley-Anne is a contributor to  A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth by Katrina Zaslavsky