Thank youHello, My name is Shirley-Anne Joy and my purpose and mission is to enrich the world through sharing and teaching, the benefits of hugging and self-love.

Hugging for longer than 20 seconds activates your “happYness hormones” and releases a feel good elixir throughout your body to elevate your mood, nourish your soul and make you feel amazing!

If you are under constant pressure to meet deadlines of daily life, be there for everyone else and keep up with a fast paced world then please continue reading to find out how I can help you to achieve a state of calm and happYness.

Make every day a love-ly day with a daily dose of self-love delivered straight to your Inbox.

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The Self-Hug Technique

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 ‘the newest self-love method   on the planet today1″


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One on One Sessions

Life is about love. Learning to love and be loved is our main focus. 

And, there are many different things – events, situations, experiences that create self-limiting beliefs from childhood and as early as conception. that get in the way of love. 

Those events, situations and life experiences darken love’s door and we also bring in ‘past life’ experiences that overshadow love.

My work with you is in in-earthing that love that is buried deep with in your close


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Coming in 2018

Have you been lookin’ for love in all the wrong places? Lookin’ for love in to many places…as the song goes?? 

There is only ONE place to look for LOVE and that is within YOU.

LOVE is already there because YOU are a Divine Expression of Love but the flame of self love is dimmed. 

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Make every day a love-ly day with      A Daily Dose of Self-Love delivered straight to your Inbox.

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“I just wanted to say thank you. I had a big week this week with a few anxiety provoking things like selling our house. I used your Self Hug Technique.​​​​ It has been such a blessing to calm me and keep me in the right frame of mind. Thank you! .” Meaghan Burkett

The Love Mantra

Let there be love,

Let there be love on earth,

Let it start with me,

Love in my heart,

Love in my mind,

Love in my soul,

Love in every cell of my body!