FeelGood BE HappY & Hug Yourself or Someone You Love Everyday!

FeelGood BE HappY & Hug Yourself or Someone You Love Everyday!

Hello and thank you for visiting! I am delighted to have you here!

My name is Shirley-Anne Joy I am The Love Warrior, Hugging The World To Healing.

As a modern day spiritual teacher and healer my job is to free man’s hearts so they can receive love, kindness, compassion and grace for themselves and for all.

I help women (and sometimes men) to let go of limiting patterns, habits and programs so they can heal the past. This allows them to create their life, body and business from a place of freedom and with a greater sense of SELF-LOVE, courage and inner strength like never before.

I do this in two ways. Firstly, I use a verbal processing technique to shift the limitations, it’s fun and painless. And, secondly, I have a gift to heal as I hug.

Hugging opens a small but defining crack in the soil of Un-Self-Love-ing. The seed of self-acceptance is planted. It then grows into a tree of Self-LOVE-ing.

I hug people from all walks of life from a place of non-judgment. Being hugged from a place of non-judgment opens a person’s heart to receive more love for themselves and for others.


Shirley-Anne has been mentioned in Shirley Dalton’s book Weekly Thoughts, alongside world renowned change agents, “…I’ve also studied with Dr Thomas Gordon, John Assaraf, Eben Pagan, Dr Joe Vitale, Drs Hal and Sidra Stone, Shirley-Anne(Joy) Lawler and Jim Rohn, just to name a few;…”

What I believe:

I totally believe in the power of change

I totally believe that I need to be the change that I wish to see in the world. For me, it is continually working on myself to clear limitation so I can choose to have more ease, joy, peace, harmony and love in my life. As I change my life it automatically changes others on Planet Earth.

I totally believe that I have the been given a gift to work with people to assist them in identifying and changing thought patterns and belief systems that are holding them stuck in limitation from living a happy joy-filled life.

Self-Hugging, the way to Self-Loving, the way to Self-Healing

Self-Hugging, the way to Self-Loving, the way to Self-Healing

I totally believe in the healing power of hugs and self-hugging. 

I believe in my capacity to contribute to healing people on their physical, emotional, mental or spiritual plane, where they are at and with their level of receiving. I love hugging and I love sharing the healing that comes from that gift.

I totally believe in the power of The Self-Hug Technique, the way to Self-LOVE-ing, the way to Self-Healing.

I total believe that our beautiful planet Earth is abundant in all things.

I believe in consciousness and raising our vibration.

I totally believe in The Law of Attraction and Universal Law.

My life in a nutshell!

Took first breathe on Planet Earth November Mid 1950s

Third Eldest, Eldest girl of 11 Children

Grew up in the Hunter Valley NSW Australia

Attended Catholic Schools

First job working at Coles as Supermarket check-out chick

First career – General Nurse and Midwife

Other jobs: direct selling with cosmetic company, real estate, proprietor of a ladies fashion boutique, florist, café barista, Austswim Instructor, Tourism Destination Marketing (Maitland Gaol)

Married, divorced, 2 adult children in their 30s

Started my spiritual awakening into consciousness when I was 35years young

Bachelor Social Science in Recreation and Tourism (graduated in 2002)

Lives in Newcastle, NSW Australia

Loves children especially her own two Jill and Clint and her 23 nieces and nephews and 6 grand neices and nephews AND her first grandchild is due early February 2016

Dancing With Massi Women

005FI have travelled extensively my longest journey was 7 months in 2003.

30days on a South East Africa safari adventure Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Zanzibar Island and Kenya.


Monet's Garden FranceThen 6 months  backpacking around Western Europe and exploring England, Scotland. I love travel and explore Australian & overseas destinations.


Favourite Books

‘The Lineage of the Codes of Light’ Jessie E Aryani; ‘The Laws of Success in Sixteen Lessons’ by Napoleon Hill

‘Joy’ by Osho; ‘How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt and Live Prosperously’ by Jerrod Mundis

‘The Game of Life and How to Play It’ Florence Scovel-Shinn; ‘You Can Heal Your Life.’ Louise Hay

‘Eat Pray Love’ Elizabeth Gilbert; ‘Messages in Water’ Dr Masuru Emoto;

‘Practicing The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle; ‘Creative Visualisation’ Shakti Gwain

‘Ask and It is Given’ Abraham-Hicks


Favourite Movies

Anne of Green Gables, Avatar, Phenomenon with John Travolta; Grease, The Holiday – Jude Law and Kate Winslet; Under The Tuscan Sun – Diane Lane, Seven Years in Tibet – Brad Pitt, The Last Samurai, The 100 Foot Journey – Helen Mirren

Favourite Travel Places that I have visited

Roma, Venice, Cinque Terra Italy – my favourite country after Australia

London, The Lakes District, Sherwood Forest, Robin Hoods Nest, England

San Francisco, Venice Beach, Grand Canyon USA

Paris, Monet’s Garden, The Loire Valley, Bordeaux,France

All of Spain – beautiful – I spent 5 weeks there.

Favourite Countries Yet to Visit

South America, South Pole, Alaska and the Inland Passage, Canada, Russia, Persia, Greece, North Africa – Morocco, Caribbean, Galapagos Islands, Eastern Europe

Some Travel Experiences Yet to be Experienced

Flying over a cotton field in full blossom under the moon light; Trek to Machu Piccu; Fly over the South Pole

Walk the Camino from St Jean De Pont France to Santiago De Compostela Spain

Travel the Silk Road from China to Persia;  Swim in the Southern Ocean when visiting the South Pole by boat

Watch Orca (killer whales) in the wild off British Columbia